New traditions and a whole lot of sparkle

Happy New Year blog-lovers from Peachy Towers!

Well Husband and I just about survived our first Christmas and New Year with Peachy. Gone were the drunken parties and the mammoth hangovers in the lead up to the BIG day, instead it was focussed on what really  matters – making our house look like Christmas had throw up all over it! We had sparkles and tinsel and lights and those things that look like icicles hanging from everywhere. We had ‘Santa stop here ‘ signs and ‘Ho Ho Ho!’ festooned on every bit of space, we had singing and dancing Santa’s and elves and penguins – it would have taken The Grinch the whole of the holidays to steal this Christmas extravaganza!!

And soon Christmas Eve fell upon Peachy Towers where Husband and I were in a state of excitement. Peachy didn’t care as long as there was food, she was happy. And so with great aplomb, Husband kicked off our first ever family tradition, having had some discussion at length about this, waited until we were all in our Christmas pyjamas and started to read ‘The Night Before Christmas‘. Wow, it is a seriously long book when Peachy is tired and wiggly and doesn’t care. But Husband, being the trooper that he is, read on (and on and on and on) until we completed our tradition and Peachy was fast asleep dreaming of Santa and hoping her stocking would contain a cat that would let its tail be pulled, strange fluff that can be picked up and eaten instead of taken away and of course, to be let loose to ‘re-decorate’ the Christmas tree’.

And Christmas kicked off very early with Peachy too excited to sleep…. With our silly Christmas jumpers, hats and Peachy looking utterly adorable as an elf, we got down to the seriousness of unwrapping. And Peachy was a very spoiled baby with lots of lovely gifts.

Husband and I felt such gratitude to have such a wonderful baby as Peachy and know that we better get planning to make next year even more special!

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