Ahh, push it! Push it real good…

So how do you go out with your bubba? I don’t mean the actual get up, get dressed of course, but what is your preference to taking bubba out?

Baby_CarrierHusband and I debate this nearly every time we go out… Husband is a BIG fan of ‘baby wearing’ – he has one of these bad boys and has pretty much ‘worn’ Peachy since she was big enough to fit in it.
He recently upgraded to a backpack style wearer as Peachy has gotten so big that he can only wear her forward facing when we go on shorter trips (plus with this new ‘bring your own bag’ to the supermarket clamp down, it does come in handy) but we do look a little strange when we are only on our local high street and not trekking through the mountains of Nepal where you would usually see such a contraption….

I sometimes wear Peachy when we go out if it is just a quick dash around the local supermarket or I am going somewhere I know is too small for a pushchair, but my preference is to take our pushchair out and about.  We chose our pushchair due to the fact it was a full travel system (that and it was a bargain from a friend of a friend!) and this is very handy now Peachy sometimes likes to look at the world and shout at the books in the library no matter how many times I say ‘shhh!’….

I have done London with the pram (but wished I listened to Husband and worn Peachy) but the pram also come in quite handy as a battering ram when walking on a busy high street. Ahh, I feel this debate will go on until Peachy is big enough to walk!

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