An open letter to the future Peachy

To my darling Peachy,
I write this to you in February 2016, you are 9 months old and have mastered sitting up unaided. You have no interest in crawling and want to walk and jump all the time. You love all food, your daddy and when we tickle your ribs.

You are currently laid across my lap, your chunky little legs crossed neatly at the ankles and your little fingers occasionally rubbing my arm as if to check I am still holding you and not put you in that cot all alone.

For some reason, more than ever tonight, I feel a huge surge of love and protection for you. As if you are going to grow up in the blink of an eye and there is so much that I need to teach you and a lot more you will learn for yourself, in turn teaching me.

There will be many lessons that you are yet to come across – a grazed knee, a fall out with a friend, a failed exam, a broken heart (daddy will get him/her, don’t you worry about that!)

If I can put “an old head on young shoulders” as Nana says, I hope as we grow together and as a family, that daddy and I are able to teach you:

  • Trying and failing is better than not trying at all
  • Have a big picture plan and start making little steps to get there
  • Put 10% of your money aside each month to save and invest
  • Travel – it’s a huge world out there and there is no greater education than immersing yourself in another culture
  • Eat weird things – like bugs and lizards and biltong. These will make great stories!
  • Do random acts of kindness for strangers – pay for a cup of coffee, a train fare or drop some change into a charity tin
  • Ask the question that’s on the tip of your tongue – you will then taste learning
  • Be grateful for what you have – someone out there would love your ‘bad day’
  • Choose your friends wisely – it’s better to have a small circle of true friends and counsel than a group of backstabbing and bitchiness
  • Knowledge is power – share and we are all powerful
  • Be kind – you can never take back the harsh words
  • Say I love you only when you mean it, and when you mean it say it often (I am sure daddy and I are still embarrassing you by saying it all the time to each other)
  • Call home often. Just because you are grown doesn’t mean you won’t ever stop being our baby girl
  • Read all the books you can
  • Practice thankfulness for the small and the large things
  • Try to see the good in people even if they are not seeing the good in you
  • A pet is another family member – if you get, make time for them too
  • ALWAYS call either daddy or I if you are in trouble. Yes they may well be a “discussion” and you may be embarrassed but we will sort it out as a family
  • Make a story wherever you go

And lastly, my darling daughter, remember we are proud of you and your accomplishments, that you are loved and cherished, and we couldn’t have been more blessed with our beautiful girl.

I love you always,

Mumma xxxxx

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