Babies First Cold

Aticho! Aticho! We all fall down

The dreaded cough and cold has reached Peachy Towers.

The delectable Peachy was the first one to go down and, like the good girl she is, shared with daddy…

Poor Peach is really suffering with a blocked nose and is screaming every time we have to wipe her sore little nose. We, for the first time, used her Aspirator thingy and it’s a good thing I have a strong stomach as it made me feel a bit queasy…

So then Husband went down and is currently Sudafed-ing to the eyeballs but is still insisting on doing his part by cooking for us (this may be a reflection on my cooking “skills”)

We have Snufflebabe Vapour Rub, Vicks VapoRub and Olbas on the go in such vast quantities I’m beginning to feel as though I’m living in a box of After Eights 😂😂

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