Busy Bees!

Hello readers,

Hope you didn’t think that we had abandoned you.

Life at Peachy Towers is all go go go! 

So let me catch you up:

Peachy, delectable as ever, has reached that ever so clingy stage. She WILL NOT be put down, she wants to be cuddled and played and thoroughly entertained but gets tired quickly. She is how I think Mariah Carey lives day to day…

Husband and I, although huge fans of co-sleeping, are trying to get her to sleep in her cot as she is sleeping like a star fish and we are clinging to the edge of our bed like we are Jack and Rose from Titanic. This has not gone down well combined with the cling on stage but we work around her and sometimes (most times!) she is cuddled to sleepies which is lovely… Sorry Husband but it is!

We are having epic teething fits but still no darn teeth have emerged. I rather like my gummy bear baby but wish these nasty teethies would either emerge or bugger off so we can have happy Peachy back.

Her adventurous eating continues and so far, she loves all good (except Greek yoghurt) and we now rarely have a meal that she isn’t getting a taste of regardless of whether she has eaten or not. We favourite seems to be salmon and sweet potatoes but she is yet to taste chocolate….

Lots of exciting news coming your way including Peachy and Dreams having a make over and I am working hard (between the feeding, playing, bathing, cuddling and kissing) on a brand new website so keep reading for further news.

I’d like to thank my darling Husband, who behind the scenes, does a lot of work on my blog and love my new blog home page – check it out if you haven’t already!

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