Cotswolds Calamities

We took Peachy away for our first family break. We popped to the beautiful Cotswolds for 3 days and what fun we had. Well, when we eventually got there as our brilliant(!) sat nav decided to avoid ALL motorways and the 3.5 hour trip suddenly took 7… 
Amazing bargain of a booking led us to a remarkable 4* hotel so you can imagine how we fitted on beautifully at check in with a harassed, hot and disheveled husband, a teething Peachy who was sleepy eyed, snotty nosed and liked how the high ceilings in Reception made her about 90 decibels louder. And then there was me. Covered in baby snot. With blood on my white trousers (yes yes rookie mum mistake) where I’d dropped the razor in a hurry to shave my legs just before we left. Hair that looked like Krusty the Clown. Ahhh, classy!

God knows why, maybe they just felt really sorry for us, but they gave us a free room upgrade and it was beautiful. Overlooking gardens and a stream (thank god I’d listened to the health visitor and done my pelvic floor exercises as that bad boy runs all night…!) with 2 queen sized beds pushed together – we had the best sleep ever.

After the epic drive, we took Peachy to the pool which she loved. Funny as she hates those expensive swimming lessons. And then off for supper, cause you know dinner happens by 6pm when you have a little one… 

Amazing nights sleep but woke up to yucky rain which stopped all sorts of outdoor play. It is rather hard to keep a 10 month old amused in confinements of a hotel so we gave up and let her cruise the corridors talking to all the plants and pictures and crawling in all the open doors where the cleaning crews were only too happy to give her a cloth and let her loose!

Husband and I have returned home feeling super invigorated and with a very happy Peachy. Thinking those few days away makes everyone feel cemented in love.

Do message me/Facebook or DM me on Twitter and I’ll be more than happy to share the name of this amazing hotel.

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