Cutesy Crawlers aka on the move!

Today, our darling Peachy, who has been working hard at rolling from tummy to sitting, decided that she wanted what Husband was having for breakfast. She casually looked at him, eyed up his plate, grinned and crawled!! I am so proud of our girl, she has had a tough old week with those nasty gnashers – still no teeth but all the pain….
Sadly, I was at work and missed this momentous occasion but Husband managed to catch a few seconds on film for me which I must admit is a little bittersweet. It is hard being a working mumma, I do feel that I miss out on far too many ‘things and firsts’ but I know that I am providing for her and in the spirit of International Woman’s Day earlier this week, I should stop my pity party for one and be grateful that I am able to work thanks for the women before who were strong willed and wonderful.

I must be off; I have some treats to tempt Peachy to crawl to!

Here’s to all the strong women.

May we know them.

May we be them.

May we raise them


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