Egg-stra! Egg-stra! Read all about it!

Happy hoppy belated Easter to you all. Hope you all had an amazing Easter with you little (& big) bundles of fluff.

We had an egg-cellent (ok I swear I’ll stop doing that!) first Easter with Peachy.

Nana and Grandad had organised a very fun Easter egg hunt in their garden so we all dashed out between the rain showers and found all those lovely chocolatey treats. My parents had actually gone all out and bought Easter bonnets, cute egg cups, chocolate sheep and teeny tiny yellow chicks – I think they had much fun too!

Now as cruel as some of you may think this is, Husband and I don’t allow Peachy to have chocolate. Luckily she has no idea what is in the bright and colourful packages and is more than happy to throw them, roll them around and shout at them! But thinking about it, I have steadily been munching my way through her stash of eggs (it’s a hard job this mumma business) so really she is getting chocolate milk each time I feed her 😂

Peachy was, as ever, delightful and although Husband was very explicit in his opinion of “you are not dressing the baby as the Easter bunny” I read between the lines… And we had a beautiful bunny eared, tutu wearing Peachy!! I’m classing that as a mummy win 😊


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