The greatest mummy debate

Breast or bottle? Express? Formula?

Now as my pregnancy progressed, this was soon a general topic of conversation between my family, friends, co-workers, supermarket checkout people and it seems that everyone has an opinion on this!

Now I do like to do my research, and I do often listen to other people’s advice but what I really want for Sharon in Sainsbury’s is to scan my grocery items through so I can go home and not listen to her monologue about how she fed her first born ‘on the t*t’ but they were never the same so she fed the next 4 the bottle which was ‘easier’.

For the record, I never had any intention of having Peachy anywhere near my boobs but wanted to express, but when she was born, and was starving for a feed, I decided to try. And I am one of the really lucky ones as Peachy latched well and suckled like a champ!

But there have been times, especially in the early days where we struggled, and she cried and I cried and there was no latching position that worked and she was exhausted and I was exhausted that I very nearly reached for the back up box of formula but it was 3am and I was just too damn tired to get out of bed, but then mumma and Peachy worked together and she feeds and you feel like you have won the lottery.

Now Peachy is a mix of expressed milk in a bottle when I’m at work and breast when I get home and that works for us! Plus that means that Husband can feed her on the weekend and he gets bonding time but much much more importantly than that – I get more sleep!

I believe that each mother does what is best for her and her baby and whether that be boobies, expressing into bottles, formula or a  dizzying combination of all 3, it is about choice.

Do not be bullied by health visitors, midwife’s, those pamphlets you get in your pack telling you ‘breast is best’ ‘breast is natural’ ‘breast saves you a gazzilion pounds a year vs formula’ (okay, I may have made that last one up…) You do what is right for you – there is no failure only learning.

Breast Feeding should not be attempted by fathers with hairy chests, since they can make the baby sneeze and give it wind. ~Mike Harding, The Armchair Anarchist’s Almanac, 1981

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