Marvellous Mothers

Dear mums,

You are awesome!

You are a superwoman who should be sporting a cape (one that matches your shoes naturally!)

You are strong.

You eat lukewarm dinners and drink cold cups of tea so your child(ren) know you are giving them your undivided attention.

You get up early to “get things done”

You may give up part or all of your bed for your babies.

You may breast feed, or express milk, or formula feed but give your heart, arms and soul to that little person staring you in the eye.

You may have a partner, or be doing this solo – either way, you are brave.

You gave up a little of you to become “mum” and I bet you can barely remember who you were before.

There are days when it feels too much – the kids are shouting/crying/painful, the house is a mess, you haven’t showered and you are just too darn tired. Be kind to you – a take away dinner isn’t the worst thing that’s ever going to go in your kids mouth, congratulate yourself on the day and remember tomorrow will be better.

Although you have the strength and courage of a lioness, a little cry here and there does a girl wonders.

You are doing the best you can do, providing the best you know how, raising your family your way – others may not agree but it’s not their families.

Ladies. We are all mums. We provide. We nuture. We give. NOW is the time to be proud of your achievements. Congratulate YOU. Stand in solidarity, for no matter who you are, we can all agree we have been wee’d on…

I salute all of you mummas out there. You are doing a fabulous job. And from me, a huge hug and that most deserving pat on the back.


Peachy’s mumma xx 

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