Mumma’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

I hope you have been thoroughly spoiled, loved, adored and cherished.

It has been a wonderful day here at Peachy Towers (even if I had to make my own tea and toast this morning husband…) and I have been made a lovely fuss of.

It did get me thinking, it’s a wonderful motion and concept, but as we celebrate being mothers, and indeed celebrate our own mothers, who celebrates the child/ren?

I looked at my darling Peachy this afternoon as she enthusiastically rolled around the floor after the cat and clapped her hands each time she managed to get herself into a sitting position and thought that it’s now mine and Husbands job to celebrate each and every day with our little miracle.

Every day should be child/ren’s day. Let us celebrate the big and small, each step, journey and milestone.

And as I listen to Husband read the “Guess how much I love you” series to his girl, I realise that it’s not just Mothers Day, but really Family Day. But y’know with presents for us!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful women, and to all you dada’s having stepped up when it mattered the most – happy family day to you.

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