Dream a little dream

Agh Husband and I are feeling like “proper” parents this week. We are so sleep deprived we have no idea if we should be having breakfast or dinner! Poor Peachy […]

Hello Dolly

Peachy, whilst shopping in Tesco’s, picked out her own dolly! We were in the baby aisle picking up supplies and she was rather taken with the colourful display of toys […]


Peachy and I were awake quite a lot in the night as she is teething and wants to comfort feed (and I am thanking the geniuses that made baby Nurofen!)  […]

Waiting Game

…is finally over! Peachy did it, she really did it… After sitting playing in her cot, she looks at me, lifts up her arms and says “mum!” It’s was wonderful […]


Every year, like everyone else, I make my new year resolutions- new year new me! Diet, gym more, drink less, explore, discover, grow, learn… Now all very good resolutions but […]

Peachy Babbles

Still no mumma has crossed Peachy’s lips but she is now saying “hi dada” quite clearly along with “yeah” and shaking her head when she decided she doesn’t want to […]

Santa baby

Santa was a hit! Peachy had a bit of a bottom lip wobble when she saw the man in red but rallied fast and looked adoringly up at him- so […]

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