The big one

How can it be in 4 teeny weeks that my beautiful girl turns a whole ONE? It feels like we have only just got her and like she has always been here. The time has flown by.
So long gone are the weekend sleep-ins (or just a full nights sleep in general), and I can’t remember the last time I watched a box set or even read a book that didn’t have something to do with child nutrition or milestones or play ideas.

How much Husband and I have learned in the last 12 months – who knew about colic and how to dress a baby?! I look back at those early days nostalgically at when I chose her clothes based on what I could manage – nothing over the head as I was all fingers and thumbs and sleep deprivation.

I am not ready for this beautiful girl to have grown so big so fast. How can the tiny baby who didn’t even fit into newborn clothes and had to have an insert into her car seat and pushchair now be trying to walk independently and is strong willed, knowing exactly what she wants (and woe betide if she doesn’t get it!)

I laughably think of all the parenting books I devoured in the 9 months – what a load of hooey! I will confess that I even had a chart of her “schedule” pinned up on our wall and ready to go, how my mum and auntie laughed! At nearly one Peachy is still in our bed, sandwiched between Mumma and Dada and snuggled in love. She has a good dinner/bath/bed routine but this is recent (like 3 weeks ago…), not since coming home from the birthing unit and even though I work, I try to feed on demand that wonderful milk as much as I can, because you know what? I don’t have a schedule to eat – sometimes I want dinner at 6 and other times at 8, I may fancy a little snack at 9 or midnight – why should Peachy be denied if its not within the allotted timeframe??

The last 12 months have taught me some valuable lessons but I have gained confidence in my parenting skills and abilities. I try not to dwell on the ‘mummy guilt’ – so maybe I could take her for a few more walks on the beach (we live literally 2 minutes’ walk away), maybe I could socialise her more with babies of her own age, sometimes she has been talked to in a cross tone because I am tired and she is tugging on my last nerve, but you know what? She is a happy, healthy, content little girl; she knows she is loved and adored.

So I chose to focus on her achievements and gosh how many – from rolling to raspberries, sitting to standing, giggles, shouting, babbles, a few words here and there, from mumma milk to a complete foodie – an amazing year.

I look at Husband playing with her and my heart surges with love for my little family. I especially love their game of ‘Marco Polo’ but customised to ‘Dada! Babba!’ – a secret game for just the 2 of them which gets louder and funnier with them both collapsing in giggles – such fun.

How I look forward to the next 12 months but y’know, a lot slower….

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