Flouncy, Pouncy, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun….

Husband is such a thoughtful dada. Peachy, since she was small, has always preferred to stand rather than sit on her bottom and as her little legs have gotten stronger as she has grown, she has decided that bouncing is such fun!

Pop her on your lap and off she goes in her Tigger motion. Pop her by your feet and she bounces on her botty – its so cute and almost looks like twerking….

So Husband thought hard about what newest thing he can buy for his girl and came up with this wonderful invention – the doorway bouncer
Peachy thinks that this is the best thing EVER and I have to say, I second that!

Pop her in it (well, once Husband adjusted all the straps and she nearly toppling out backwards, sideways and frontways…) and off she goes! Tigger-ing, swirling, twirling, screaming laughing and best of all swinging towards the cat who, to date, keeps a wary eye on this little human.

I have to say Husband is a thoughtful Husband too as this means I can get a shower in, or put some washing on (you know, the pile that has been in since last week Wednesday) or change into my cleaner ‘yoga pants’ – an all round winner at Peachy Towers!

PS: And in case you were wondering, still no ‘Mumma’ but she can quite clearly say ‘hi dada’….


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