Tutu’s and Tantrums

Y’know how I keep saying Peachy is growing up far too quickly? That she is now more toddler and less baby? Well I couldn’t have been more right – Peachy had her first tantrum last night!!

Forget the terrible twos – I’ve got the terrible 9 months 😱

Peachy was incredibly tired last night having decided to go a WHOLE day without a nap and was so overtired and mumma wasn’t quick enough with the feed that her little face scrunched up, she drew in her hands to fists, she took a deep breath and SHOUTED! Waving her chubby little arms in the air, kicking those chunky legs, throwing herself around.

Now Husband and I normally wouldn’t stand for this sort of thing but it coincided with mumma having bought her a tutu (ever hopeful Husband will relent to my dreams of a ballet star!) and she looking utterly adorable in it tantrum and all!

Wish me luck for the next few years!!

Remember, when your child has a tantrum, don’t have one of your own.

Dr. J. Kuriansky

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